JoonHo’s couple pose feat. Thunder

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The art of dancing by Joon and G.O.

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fucking koreans.." I mutter while caressing my screen as I reblog another photo of oppa wishing I meant it literally 

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[120722 BLAQ% SEOUL] Mir cried during A+ & JTC surprise D’:

ugh so precious. so proud of mblaq & shinee these past couple of days. 

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reasons that you are my ultimate bias joonie

reasons that you are my ultimate bias joonie

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fucking joonew
with braids



Feeling Sad Lee Joon 20,029 plays



Have you ever listened to Lee Joon sing “Feeling Sad”?

And I mean really listen. The way he sings every note, word, and along with how he conveys his emotions. If people REALLY listened, then… how can they still say Joon has horrible vocals? 

Sometimes, it’s not just about all those fancy trills, high notes, and whatnot.

It’s about being able to make others feel the music. The way the song is supposed to be heard.

And I think Joon does an excellent job.

I can honestly say that the first time I heard Joon’s version, my heart sank. The pain in his voice, it’s so heartbreaking.

So how about you try listening to this song.

And listen to the way he sings EVERY FRIGGIN NOTE.

Even better, if you have HQ earphones/headphones and if it’s quiet enough, you can hear Joon breathing and catching his breathe, as if he’s right there, in the same room as you. ouh~ lol

it’s about time to reblog this again ^^ JOON’S VOICE ToT

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Lee Joon's cute failed attempt on IU's Good Day high notes ≧◡≦

my precious joonieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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